About Us

The Swedish Bakery is famous for specializing in Swedish coffeecakes, cookies, sweetrolls, toast, petit fours and marzipan cakes. We are known for using unique ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, anise, fennel, orange peel and almond paste. We are proud to offer our customers products that are never frozen or have any added preservatives.

We also offer a wide variety of Northern European and traditional American breakfast items, pastries, cookies and cakes for all occasions. A full list of our products and prices are available here.

Our most popular items are our Andersonville coffeecake, cardamom coffeecake, Swedish and butter cookies as well as our fruit glazed cake. Most of our products are offered for shipping within the Unites States. Please check our online shipping store for more information.

At the Swedish Bakery, the customer comes first. We are proud to serve a community that we love and support. Read more about our history and the Andersonville neighborhood.