Swedish Bakery through the years...

Swedish Bakery opened in the late 1920's. Through longtime customers and city records, we were able to estimate the year as either 1928 or 1929. In that year, a family by the name of Johnson started the bakery. In 1931, the bakery changed hands within the family. The bakery then sold in 1940 to Ernest Carlson.Swedish Bakery Shop

In 1964, Gosta Bjuhr purchased the bakery. In 1971, the current owner came to work for Mr. Bjuhr. Marlies Stanton learned her trade as a pastry chef in Europe. She worked for Mr. Bjuhr for 8 years before purchasing the bakery upon his retirement in 1979. Between that time and 1991, all of the family eventually came to work at the bakery, truly making it a family business.

Swedish Bakery Shop TodayIn 1989, an expansion for the bakery was planned. Its completion in 1992 marked a new beginning for Swedish Bakery. The bakery tripled its size and went from 19 employees to our current staff of  approximately 45. Today, Swedish Bakery remains the ultimate neighborhood sweet stop. Traditional Swedish products continue to be made, as well as an infusion of other European and old fashioned American items.