Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to order my custom cake?
Depending upon the complexity of the design we may ask for up to 2 weeks' notice on certain custom cakes. However we may be able to accommodate some requests with shorter notice and within reason. It is never too early to place an order for your custom cake. Busier weekends, especially those surrounding major holidays, fill up quickly and availability may be limited. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and all major federal holidays including Christmas Eve. The bakery shuts down completely beginning Christmas Eve and does not reopen until the Monday following New Years Day.

About how much is my custom cake going to cost?
Custom cake costs are based upon tier size(s), type(s) of frosting, complexity and labor of design, and materials used. The larger the tier size(s) and the more complex the design, the higher the overall cost will be. Please allow 1-2 business days for all custom cake inquiry replies.

Which flavors of cake may I choose from?
You can find a list of our available cake flavors here.

Which fillings may I choose from?
You can find a list of our available fillings here

How do I order my custom cake?

When you are ready to place your order you may call the store at 773.561.8919 and one of our skilled Custom Cake Consultants will be happy to assist you.

Do you require a deposit or payment when I order my custom cake?
Yes. All custom cake orders require no less than a 50% deposit when the order is placed. You may also elect to pay the entire balance as this will expedite the pickup process and your time at the register.  (Please note that all prepaid orders are required to take a paper number.)

What if I need to cancel my custom cake order?
Cancellation within 6 or more business days prior to the date of pick up will incur a 5% service fee based upon the edible total. Cancellation within 5 or less business days prior to the date of pick up will incur a 25% service fee based upon the edible total.

My grandmother had a great recipe...could you make that?
Swedish Bakery produces thousands of cakes each year and uses very large equipment to do so. While we would love to accommodate each request we receive, our facilities and production are simply too large.

I saw this adorable Minnie Mouse cake a Pinterest, can you make it for me?
While we would love to honor each request we receive for custom cakes, licensing and copyright laws often restrict our ability to recreate images or artwork from media such as films, television or professional sports. Without the express, written permission of the company or owner(s) allowing us one time use, we unfortunately cannot accommodate these requests. Swedish Bakery does offer a wide range of licensed, theme cakes through the store which feature many of today's popular children's characters and films which may be found here.

Can you make me an adult themed cake for my bachelor/bachelorette party?

Sorry, but due to the nature of our operation we do not allow for any material that may be considered profane, derogatory or offensive.