Anniversary Cake Freezing

Saving a tier or slice of wedding cake is a romantic tradition that dates back to 19th century England.  Today many couples continue this tradition by freezing their top tier to enjoy the following year.  We at Swedish Bakery do not use preservatives so to ensure freshness we advise all of our clients to consider the following:


· Use plastic wrap and parchment paper to wrap around the sides and top of cake, as if you were wrapping a gift.

· Place your top tier in the box provided by Swedish Bakery.

· Fill in any gaps between box and cake with tissue or parchment paper, and close the box.

· Seal the box with tape, and wrap the box in aluminum foil.

· Place the box in the plastic bag provided by Swedish Bakery and seal with a twist tie.

· Place the box in a freezer and do your very best to wait a whole year to enjoy your cake!


· Remove the cake box at least one to two full days before you wish to serve it.

· Open the box, remove the aluminum foul, and gently pull away the tissue and parchment/plastic wrapping.

· Replace the plastic bag over the box and place the box into the refrigerator.

· It may take up to 30 hours to thaw your cake depending on your freezer, so please allow the cake ample time to thaw. 

· It is NOT recommended that thawed cakes be refrozen, so be ready to enjoy your romantic treat!